Ben-Gurion Matsas  served at Board Of Directors and President in many organizations, for the benefit of the community in Brooklyn NY,

President of the Sephardic National Alliance.
Member Board of Directors of Sephardic Community Federation.
Chairman Board of Directors Sephardic Voters League.
Member Board of Directors Jewish Community Center of Bensonhurst.
Member Board of Directors Ave R Sephardic Congregation.
Peace Officer in the New York Police Dept.
President of Community Safety Patrol.
President of School Choice NY

In Brooklyn, NY, the spirit of volunteering beats strongly, with individuals like Ben-Gurion Matsas leading the way. Volunteering goes beyond mere acts of kindness; it becomes a cornerstone of community development, empowerment, and resilience. Matsas’ dedication to serving on Boards of Directors and as President in various organizations exemplifies the profound impact that committed volunteers can have on the fabric of a community. In a world that often demands much, the volunteers of Brooklyn stand as a shining example of the power of selflessness and collective action for the greater good.

Awards and recognition plaques from different organization

Volunteer as Peace Officer in the NYPD Police Dept

Meeting with American Politicians

Meeting with Israeli Politicians

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